Used Quality Control & Inspection Equipment Ensuring Precision and Reliability

Used Inspection Equipment

Measuring instruments and quality checks.

Used Inspection Equipment

HGR offers a large selection of tools and devices crucial for quality control and precision measurement in various industrial settings. This collection includes items such as coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) for detailed dimensional analysis, gauges for measuring specific part dimensions, and optical comparators for inspecting and magnifying parts. Additionally, customers can find hardness testers for evaluating material strength and surface roughness testers for assessing texture quality. These tools are vital for ensuring product quality and adherence to specifications in sectors like manufacturing, engineering, and aerospace. Our inspection equipment offers valuable resources for businesses aiming to maintain high standards of precision and quality in their production processes.

Used Electrical Equipment

Testing and measurement devices.

Used Electrical Equipment

Our used electrical equipment selection offers a broad array of components and systems essential for various electrical applications in industrial settings. This selection encompasses items like circuit breakers for electrical safety and protection, transformers for voltage regulation, and motor drives for controlling electric motors. Additionally, we offer panels and switches, which are critical for managing electrical connections, and power supplies for ensuring stable power distribution. This equipment is crucial for operations in manufacturing, construction, and utility sectors, among others. Our electrical equipment range offers practical solutions for businesses seeking reliable and efficient electrical components, providing a cost-effective alternative for managing and enhancing their electrical infrastructure.

Used Industrial Robots

Automation for precision and repeatability.

Used Industrial Robots for Sale

Our selection of used industrial robots features a diverse range of automated machinery designed to enhance efficiency and precision in various industrial applications. This selection includes robotic arms for tasks such as assembly, welding, and material handling, offering high accuracy and speed. We also provide collaborative robots (cobots) designed to work safely alongside human operators, enhancing productivity in shared workspaces. Additionally, customers will find specialized robots for applications like painting, palletizing, and pick-and-place operations. These robots are integral to modern manufacturing processes, aiding industries such as automotive, electronics, and logistics. Our range of used robots offers our customers an opportunity to integrate advanced automation into their operations, driving innovation and improving overall efficiency.

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