How to Sell

Sell Your Surplus to HGR

HGR is eager to buy your industrial surplus! We purchase equipment from all over North America.

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What Does HGR Buy?

  • Single pieces
  • Truckloads of mixed surplus
  • Entire plants, including real estate
  • See our list below for product categories

Sell your surplus to HGR! We buy everything, from a single item to an entire plant, so you can make space in your warehouse while recouping the investment on your initial purchases.

HGR has buyers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico to guide customers like you through the selling process.

Why Sell with HGR?

We’ve perfected our method over our 20+ years of business. To give you an idea of our capacity, HGR purchases over 4,000 truck loads every year and has freed millions of feet of productive space in warehouses across the country. Plus, we repurpose thousands of items, making us one of the greenest methods to clear out your facility.

Additional Solutions

Our primary service is to purchase your industrial machinery and manufacturing equipment and have it out of your facility as soon as you are ready. We also offer decommissioning services to help with your surplus:

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Connect with Your Buyer 1

Connect with Your Buyer

A buyer in your region will be assigned to you to manage the selling process from start to finish.

Inspection & Catalogue 2

Inspection & Catalogue

Your HGR buyer will visit your facility when convenient for you to inspect equipment and create a list of surplus, from a single item to a full plant.

Proposal 3


Once the list is complete, the buyer will provide you a written proposal in the form of a purchase order.

Payment 4


When you accept the offer, HGR will pay you within 24 hours (yes, really!).

Transport 5


Finally, we’ll send a truck to your facility to load your surplus equipment and transport it to our warehouse.

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