HGR Steps Into The Arena As Official Sponsors of BattleBots!

We’ve got some very exciting news! HGR is now an official sponsor of BattleBots. That’s right, we’re teaming up to help the top robotic competitors across the world stay battle ready.  


Whether you’ve tuned into an episode on Discovery channel or attended one of their live Destruct-A-Thon shows in Las Vegas, BattleBots is a heavy weight robotic competition where teams build and operate their own robot and then go head to head in an elimination style tournament. What the audience isn’t privy to is behind the scenes where these teams are modifying pieces and parts for their robots before matches.  


That’s where HGR steps in to lend a hand. In order for BattleBots to assist teams with the proper tools during their preparation, HGR has agreed to supply their onsite machine shop with larger tools these teams may need to carry on in competition. Some of these tools include various styled lathes, mills, and much more. With access to these tools the high level competition can continue inside the ring with HGR in their corner. Behind every great fighter is a great cutman and that’s how we view our role in this sponsorship. 


Make sure to tune into BattleBots April 20th on Discovery Channel at 8pm ET. You may run across a little surprise.


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